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Uncertainty Looms as Houston Residents Await Power Restoration After Hurricane Beryl

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Houstonians face power outages and dangers post-Hurricane Beryl landfall.

description: an anonymous image of a darkened neighborhood street with fallen tree branches and debris scattered around, illuminated only by the headlights of passing cars. the silhouettes of houses can be seen in the background, highlighting the widespread power outages and damage caused by hurricane beryl.

As Hurricane Beryl swept through Texas, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, many residents found themselves without power. CenterPoint has provided no estimates of when power might be restored, leaving residents in the dark both literally and figuratively. The number of outages due to Beryl is more than double the 900,000-plus who lost power in May when a derecho unexpectedly hit the area, adding to the frustration and uncertainty.

A whole slew of hurricane-related dangers still remain after Hurricane Beryl hit Houston. City officials warn Houstonians to be aware of potential hazards such as downed power lines, flooding, and debris, urging residents to exercise caution as they navigate the aftermath of the storm. Over 2.7 power outages were reported across Texas on Monday after Hurricane Beryl made landfall, highlighting the widespread impact of the storm on the state's power grid.

Hurricane Beryl moves through Entergy Texas service area with estimated sustained winds of 65 mph, causing significant damage to power lines and infrastructure. The initial focus in the storm's aftermath will be assessing the type of damage to the electric system and rerouting power on unaffected areas to restore service to those in need. The storm made landfall in Texas as a Category 1 hurricane before weakening to a tropical storm, but the effects of its powerful winds and heavy rains are still being felt.

Follow NBC News' live coverage for the latest updates on Hurricane Beryl, which is set to make landfall on the Texas coast. The National Weather Service says Beryl has made landfall on the middle Texas coast near Matagorda with a dangerous storm surge and strong winds, posing a threat to residents in the affected areas. With no clear timeline for power restoration, Houston residents are left to wait anxiously for updates on when they can expect to have their electricity restored.

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