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Martha Stewart's Bunny Napkins: A Charming Easter DIY Project

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Learn how to create adorable bunny napkins for Easter brunch.

description: a beautifully set table with elegant floral arrangements, delicate china, and charming bunny napkins folded in the shape of bunnies. the soft pastel colors of the napkins complement the springtime theme of the table setting.

No one does Easter quite like Martha Stewart. Lucky for you, she's sharing some of her favorite Easter DIYs for you to adopt as your own! With her expertise and attention to detail, you can elevate your Easter celebration with beautiful and charming decorations.

Katie has been a wedding planner and a floral designer, so she knows a thing or two about romance. But when Ian, an illustrator she'd met, asked her to help him with a special Easter project, she couldn't resist. Together, they created the most adorable bunny napkins that were perfect for their Easter brunch.

Go inside this lush micro wedding in the groom's family's backyard, which was entirely planned by the bride in just three weeks. The bride wanted to create a magical and intimate setting for their special day, and the bunny napkins added a whimsical touch to the tablescape.

Go inside this couple's flower-filled wedding, which was inspired by a Chanel runway show. The Texas event took place at a classic estate, and the bunny napkins were a delightful addition to the elegant decor.

This destination event was a timeless celebration with rustic elegance, DIY details, a sweet color palette, and some of the most incredibly charming bunny napkins you've ever seen. The bunny napkins added a playful and festive element to the tables, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all the guests.

Mothers are loved all year round, but Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to tell her just how much she is loved and appreciated. Surprise your mom with a beautiful handmade gift, like a set of bunny napkins, to show her how much you care.

The decorating icon is hosting her own traditional Easter brunch this weekend, complete with delicious food, beautiful decorations, and of course, charming bunny napkins. Follow Martha Stewart's lead and create a memorable Easter celebration with your own handmade bunny napkins.

One man's milestone inspires a 90th birthday party that's truly one for the ages: whiskey sours, photo decor, cake, and even an Irish-themed celebration. The bunny napkins added a touch of whimsy to the party decor, creating a fun and festive atmosphere for the guests.


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