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Dr. Seuss Door Decorating Contest Spreads Holiday Cheer at Schools

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Schools embrace creativity to celebrate Dr. Seuss and promote reading.

description: a colorful and whimsical classroom door decorated with scenes from dr. seuss books, featuring characters like the cat in the hat and vibrant landscapes. the door showcases the creativity and love for reading of the students and teachers involved in the contest.

LONGMEADOW – The holiday spirit was on full display at Williams Middle School on Dec. 22. Classrooms decorated their doors with themes inspired by the beloved children's author, Dr. Seuss. From colorful characters like the Cat in the Hat to whimsical landscapes from books like "Oh, the Places You'll Go!", students and teachers alike showcased their creativity and love for reading.

On the week of Feb. 27, Heritage Christian School celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday and National 'read across America day,' by having a week-long door decorating contest. Students and teachers worked together to bring their favorite Dr. Seuss stories to life on their classroom doors. The halls were transformed into a vibrant and engaging space that encouraged a love for reading among the school community.

In an effort to promote reading, DeMello Elementary staff held a door decorating contest between classes. Students decorated their classroom doors with scenes from Dr. Seuss books, sparking excitement and interest in literature. The colorful and imaginative displays captured the whimsical essence of Dr. Seuss's stories, creating a fun and engaging environment for students to learn.

Mar Vista High School had their campus, and their students, in the holiday spirit by hosting a door decorating competition centered around Dr. Seuss themes. The creative designs and attention to detail showcased the talent and dedication of the students and teachers who participated. The festive atmosphere brought joy and excitement to the school community during the holiday season.

OSCODA – In celebration of March is Reading Month, students and staff at Richardson Elementary School (RES) have taken to the walls, or rather, the doors, to showcase their love for reading and creativity. The Dr. Seuss door decorating contest brought together students of all ages to create colorful and imaginative designs that celebrated the magic of storytelling.

Several doors at Mesa Verde Elementary and California Avenue Elementary schools were decorated in celebration of the Read Across Riverbank event. Students worked together to transform their classroom doors into scenes from Dr. Seuss books, inspiring a love for reading and creativity. The door decorations added a touch of whimsy and fun to the school environment, creating a welcoming and engaging space for students to learn.

MOC Head Start & Child Care Center took advantage of Family Literacy Month to hold a door decorating contest featuring Dr. Seuss themes. The contest encouraged students and teachers to collaborate on creating vibrant and engaging door decorations that celebrated the joy of reading. The colorful and imaginative displays brightened up the center and inspired a love for books and storytelling.

Dr. Seuss was on the loose the week of March 1 through March 5 at the Parker Public Library. The library celebrated the birthday of Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel with a door decorating contest that brought the community together in a creative and festive way. Students and library staff displayed their love for reading and creativity through colorful and whimsical designs inspired by Dr. Seuss's iconic books.

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