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Pier One: A Hub for Home Decorating and Improvement

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Discover the rich history and exciting developments at Pier One.

description: an inviting storefront adorned with colorful displays, enticing customers to explore a world of home decor possibilities.

Dozens of community members gathered Saturday, Nov. 4, at Pier One to construct Boothbay Harbor's 900-plus buoy tree. This event showcased the strong sense of community and collaboration that Pier One fosters. From its humble beginnings, Pier One has become a hub for all things related to home decorating and improvement.

The former home of Pier One near the Danbury Fair mall is set to undergo a transformation. Developers have plans to construct a building half its size, which will house a Chipotle and a lifestyle boutique with a cocktail bar. This exciting development will bring new energy to the area and provide residents with unique shopping and dining experiences.

In 1973, Pier One was brought to life with the support of visionary community members Lance and Barbara Petersen, as well as Richard and Donna Dixon. Their initial financial backing laid the foundation for Pier One to become the go-to destination for homeowners and decorators seeking inspiration and high-quality products.

Brand Bar, a lifestyle boutique with a cocktail bar, is expected to open at Pier One this summer. This addition will further enhance the shopping experience, allowing customers to relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage while browsing the diverse selection of home decor items.

The Port of Davisville received $3.8 million in funding from the U.S. Transportation Department to support the construction of Pier One. This investment reflects the significance of Pier One as a vital contributor to the local economy and a catalyst for growth in the home improvement and decorating sector.

A new pavilion is set to be constructed at Pier One, thanks to upcoming work scheduled for later this summer. This addition will provide visitors with a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing entrance, further elevating the overall experience of shopping and exploring the vast array of home decorating options available.

Pier One has always been more than just a store; it is a gathering place for the community. Its vibrant atmosphere and innovative approach to home decorating have attracted loyal customers and newcomers alike. With an emphasis on quality and style, Pier One has become synonymous with creating beautiful and inviting living spaces.

The former Pier One Imports building near Syracuse will soon be occupied by a sports retail shop. This exciting development will bring a new dimension to Pier One, catering to sports enthusiasts and further diversifying the offerings available to customers.

Pier One's rich history and commitment to community involvement make it a beloved destination for homeowners and decorators. Its reputation for providing exceptional customer service and offering a wide range of products has solidified its position as a leader in the home decorating and improvement industry.

The former Pier One Imports store in High Point, recently acquired by a new owner, is poised for a fresh start. The owner has proposed a new use for the property, which will bring renewed energy and vitality to the area. This exciting development demonstrates Pier One's ability to adapt and evolve with the changing needs and preferences of its customers.

In conclusion, Pier One has established itself as a go-to destination for all things related to home decorating and improvement. Its rich history, commitment to community involvement, and innovative approach to design have made it a beloved hub for homeowners and decorators alike. With exciting developments on the horizon, Pier One continues to evolve, providing customers with endless possibilities to create beautiful and inviting living spaces.

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