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David Bromstad's Color Splash: Transforming Your Home Garden DIY

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Dive into the world of home gardening with DIY tips from David Bromstad.

description: a colorful and vibrant garden filled with blooming flowers, lush greenery, and unique decorative elements. the space is beautifully designed with a mix of textures and colors, creating a visually stunning and inviting atmosphere.

David Bromstad made a splash into home renovation and DIY TV fandom as a fearless contestant on HGTV's premiere season of 'Design Star,' paving the way for his colorful and creative career in transforming spaces. Known for his vibrant personality and signature "color splash" design style, Bromstad has become a household name in the world of home decorating and renovation.

Superstars of HGTV and DIY Network shows will appear at the 21st Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, presented by HGTV between March and June. This event showcases some of the industry's top talent, including David Bromstad, who will share his expertise on how to bring life and color into your home garden through DIY projects.

There are channels about sports, wildlife, crime, and news—but nothing quite relates to avid television-watchers like Home and Garden Television. With shows like "Color Splash" featuring David Bromstad, viewers can get inspired to revamp their own spaces with creative and budget-friendly ideas.

David Bromstad admits he's addicted to reality television. Its mixture of competition and creative challenge is potent for this first-season "Design Star" winner who has since become a beloved host and designer on HGTV. His infectious energy and passion for design have made him a fan favorite among home improvement enthusiasts.

David Bromstad has loads of experience helping HGTV contestants find their dream homes. Utilize his tips to create your own perfect oasis in your backyard with DIY gardening projects that will bring a pop of color and style to your outdoor space.

People love shows about home improvement. How do we know? Home & Garden Television, best known as HGTV, is the third most-watched cable network in the United States. With popular shows like "Color Splash," hosted by David Bromstad, viewers can get inspired to tackle their own home improvement projects.

If you've ever flicked through a home magazine, you've probably been caught staring at the glossy photos of bigger, better, and brighter gardens. Take inspiration from David Bromstad's vibrant and colorful designs to create your own stunning garden oasis right in your backyard.

David Bromstad found his new home in Winter Park, FL on an episode of My Lottery Dream Home in 2021. These David Bromstad house photos showcase his unique design aesthetic and love for bold colors, which can serve as inspiration for your own home gardening projects.

For millions of people, Home & Garden Television, or rather HGTV, offers the greatest lineup of programming that's both comforting and inspiring. With shows like "Color Splash" hosted by David Bromstad, viewers can learn how to transform their home gardens into beautiful and inviting spaces through DIY techniques and creative design ideas.

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