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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Bring DIY Gardening to HGTV

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Martha Stewart teams up with Snoop Dogg for a gardening show.

description: a woman wearing gardening gloves and a wide-brimmed hat, surrounded by vibrant flowers and plants in a lush garden setting. she is holding a small shovel and smiling as she tends to her plants with care.

Martha Stewart is known for her iconic cooking show from the early aughts, her unexpected friendship with Snoop Dogg, and her plethora of expertise in gardening and home decor. Now, she is taking her domestic talents to HGTV in a new show that promises to showcase her green thumb alongside some famous friends.

Martha Stewart has just premiered her new HGTV show, 'Martha Knows Best,' where she shows off her garden and offers gardening tips to viewers. In the show, she invites Snoop Dogg and other guests to join her as she shares her knowledge and passion for gardening.

Famous for gardening tips, DIY home decor, and a little run-in with the law, Martha Stewart has been a household name for decades. Her new show on HGTV is sure to attract fans looking to learn from the queen of domesticity herself.

Martha shares how she turned her passion for all aspects of everyday living -- cooking, gardening, entertaining, decorating, collecting, and more -- into a successful career that has inspired millions of people around the world. Now, she is bringing her expertise to television screens with her new gardening show.

Martha Stewart is encouraging consumers to ditch homemade iced tea in favor of Pure Leaf to free up time to focus on their hobbies, such as gardening. With her new show on HGTV, she hopes to inspire viewers to get their hands dirty and cultivate their own home gardens.

The DIY trailblazer remains as relevant as ever thanks to her relentless reinvention, shrewd branding, and the occasional thirst trap. Martha Stewart's new gardening show is just the latest example of her ability to stay ahead of the curve and continue to inspire others with her creativity and expertise.

Martha Stewart, the queen of the garden herself, presents the trailer to her new Discovery+ show, 'Martha Gets Down and Dirty,' where she gets hands-on with gardening tips and tricks. With her charming personality and vast knowledge, viewers are sure to be entertained and educated.

Martha Stewart will headline her own gardening show for HGTV called 'Martha Knows Best.' The series will premiere on Friday, showcasing Martha's passion for gardening and her ability to turn any space into a beautiful oasis. Join her and Snoop Dogg as they explore the world of DIY gardening together.

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