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Martha Stewart's Garden Tips for a Beautiful Home Oasis

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Martha Stewart's expert garden tips for a stunning home oasis.

description: a lush garden filled with colorful flowers, neatly trimmed hedges, and a variety of potted plants, showcasing    's impeccable gardening skills.

Fall is one of Martha Stewart's favorite seasons. We're paying homage to our founder's favorite season with tips and ideas to inspire your home garden DIY projects. From creating a cozy outdoor space with autumnal colors to planting seasonal flowers like mums and pansies, there are endless possibilities to enhance your garden during this time of year.

Hailing from warm, desert climates, succulents have made their way into many homes despite the lack of conditions mimicking their natural habitat. Martha Stewart's garden teaches us lessons in how to enjoy your blooms from March to May. Gardening expert Thom Rutter explains how to incorporate succulents into your garden, offering advice on proper care and placement to ensure they thrive in your home garden.

Martha Stewart's kitchen organization tips will help you streamline your own kitchen, no matter its size. From designing an island to store your garden tools to creating a designated space for planting and potting, Martha Stewart's expertise extends beyond just gardening to help you create a functional and beautiful space for all your DIY projects.

It's chore time! Stepping back into the garden after a long, harsh winter can be overwhelming, but it also comes with a sense of promise. Martha Stewart's expert advice on spring garden cleanup will guide you through the process of preparing your garden for the upcoming growing season, ensuring that your plants have the best chance to thrive.

Come summer, one thing no one wants to deal with is mosquitoes. If you're looking for natural remedies to keep the pests at bay, Martha Stewart has you covered. Lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart is facing mosquito season with these deterrents – for a pest-free, bloom-filled yard, naturally. From planting mosquito-repelling plants to DIY solutions like citronella candles, Martha Stewart offers a range of options to keep your garden mosquito-free.

In a video shared on Martha Stewart's Facebook page, the DIY garden expert and businessperson takes viewers on a tour through 'the secrets' of her own garden oasis, showcasing her favorite plants, design elements, and tips for creating a beautiful outdoor space. From unique plant combinations to creative container gardening ideas, Martha Stewart's garden tour offers inspiration for your own home garden projects.

Go inside the beautiful gardens and lush landscapes at four of Martha Stewart's homes, from her first residence (Turkey Hill) to her current estate. Explore the stunning gardens that Martha Stewart has cultivated over the years, learning about her favorite plants, landscaping techniques, and design tips for creating a peaceful and inviting outdoor space.


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